“Each room takes you on a journey through different styles, ranging from minimalist to eclectic, and from French-inspired to Moroccan-themed”

The Mansion Boutique Hotel is an exceptional hotel where history and modern life, past and present, meet in perfect harmony, right in the Old Town of Bucharest.This place rich of stories convinced the owners to find out more about The Mansion’s building and, therefore, they found out that Alexander Protopopescu lived there, well known architect in the years 1850-1870. He used the property as a commercial center, on the ground floor he had a store of furs and hats, whilst also running a hotel upstairs. Protopopescu was a close friend of the royal house and it was rumored that even King Carol I came to visit his architect friend, discreetly participating at a few balls and parties organized here. The small hotel further accommodated treasurers of the Belgian Royal House, ruled at the time by Leopold I, and also the family members of Prince Florestan of Monaco.

Today the place is entirely restored, the old hotel is “dressed” in new clothes, but it kept the noble air of past times. The owners turned the place into a friendly pension, a comfortable and pervious place, perfect for those who want to combine the fun from The Old Town with business meetings. At the entrance the Magellan’s, a chic restaurant inspired from the famous navigator’s culinary journey and upstairs the hotels has reinterpreted the concept of personalized bedrooms. Thus, each room now has its own origin, its story, energy and uniqueness.

Mansion Boutique Hotel, Deluxe Provence Mansion Boutique Hotel, Deluxe Boho



The rooms at The Mansion Boutique Hotel each have their own style. Whether we are talking about modern trends such as contemporary, minimalist or industrial, or classics ones such as gothic or vintage, each of the 19 bedrooms tell a story. The standard amenities include free WiFi, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The rooms feature private bathrooms, designed to fit the decor of the whole unit. Free toiletries, a bathrobe and slippers are offered.

Magellan’s Restaurant

“Explorer Fernando Magellan crossed the strait in South America, which today bears his name, arriving in the Pacific Ocean, becoming the first European to reach the Pacific crossing the Atlantic.
In his long and adventurous journey, which began in Spain in 1519, our navigator stopped in numerous important harbors, such as Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Solis, Marianas Islands, Brunei, Timor, Cape of Good Hope and the Canary Islands, places where history was written and also places that have made their mark in European culinary culture. At each stop, Magellan and his crew discovered new spices, flavors, tastes and traditions that they very much enjoyed and cherished and so, they brought them back on the boat and then back to Spain.”

Just like the Portuguese navigator, Magellan’s restaurant, embraced refined, exotic preparations and intensely flavored innovative dishes. You’ll find in every course a special ingredient or preparation manner that tells a story.

Mansion Boutique Hotel, Restaurant Magellan's  The Mansion Boutique Hotel, Restaurant Magellan's

The Mansion Boutique Hotel
Strada Franceză 11,
030167 Bucharest, Romania