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At Choco-Story, the Gourmet Chocolate Museum, you can discover all the secrets of chocolate and its 4,000 year history, from the Olmec civilization to the present day.

The museum extends over 3 levels totalling 750 m² with more than 1,000 original artefacts. In addition to the historical aspect, we will show you the modern methods used to make chocolate and give you the chance to discover (or rediscover) the delicious flavours of cocoa.
Come and try our different varieties of chocolate; from the milky smoothness of Costa Rica to the melt-in-your-mouth fruity chocolate from Peru, not forgetting the sweet aromas of cocoa from Vanuatu.


Address: 28 boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle – 75010 Paris


Tickets code : PARVIMUSCHOVI (including entrance ticket and tasting) Free sale

Atelier Chocolate code : PARVIMUSCHOVI2 (Atelier Creation and Tasting of Chocolate, visiting museum).