More than just a Boutique Hotel – Treasure on the Riverbank !

Banish stress and hustle when you enter the hotel, and enjoy life. The peaceful surroundings will soothe your mind. The river Ounas flowing beside the hotel exhales a powerful natural force, and soon you will be absorbed into the Lappish pace of life. You have time and space to breathe.

The unique Taivaanvalkeat is an excellent place for guests, who are looking for something new and different to experience. Taivaanvalkeat and its quiet country surroundings offer rustic style accommodation, a bit of luxury, heavenly food among others, by a “magical grandma’s place”.

There are 13 stylish and distinctive rooms in the main house. 9 of those are double rooms situated along a corridor decorated with traditional Finnish tapestries. One of the rooms is suitable for disabled persons. Upstairs can be separated for its own space. Three rooms with proper extra beds are perfect for small families. Both floors have an own sauna and living room with comfortable sofas.

6 Taivaanvalkeat downstairs livingroom 2 Standard room

The big kitchen downstairs, coupled with a separate breakfast room and an elegant 120 square meter hall, make it possible to organise even bigger events at the hotel. The renewed technical building services enable e.g. fast internet access.

Next to the main house is a beautiful Country house. Four double rooms, well supplied kitchen and sauna are for guests to use so country house works perfectly as a holiday home for small groups.

House 2 House

The Elf’s cabin is located near the Hotel Taivaanvalkeat. The cabin has three comfortable and cosy twin rooms,  a dining room area with a  small kitchen corner (with refridgerator, microwave oven, coffee maker and an electric water boiler, dishwasher and a small washing machine for clothes). The spacious living room has a fireplace and a TV. In addition the cabin has a sauna and two toilets.

There are plenty of other exotic experiences worth trying when visiting Taivaanvalkeat – everything from safari rides to dinner parties.

Taste of Lapland

Return the childhood memories to your mind and let yourself to sense the atmosphere of old days in Restaurant Tonttula. Wooden walls and open fire place create a comfortable ambiance. Here you can enjoy an unforgettable tasting experiences such as “Heavenly feast” banquet, a delicious dinner party that you can book exclusively for your group, or take part in an open-for-all event. It’s not only the feasts, but there are plenty of other mouth-watering experiences available at Taivaanvalkeat.


If you want to have a true Lappish experience, head to the most exotic building on the Taivaanvalkeat ground, Northern Lights hut “Revontulikota”. The two-storey hut is a perfect place to organise wonderful events and enjoy beautiful nature. Enjoy a delicious dinner by open fire and admire the twinkling stars and see the twinkling stars and aurora borealis dancing in the sky.

Pampering bodies and souls

In the main building there is a wellness centre with a sauna and jacuzzi. The centre offers different types of wellness services, such as Lappish hot stone and herb oil massages, and facials, on request. In addition, there is a traditional lakeside sauna on the bank of the Ounasjoki River, with a possibility to take a swim in the river – or hole in the ice in the wintertime.


Step in to a fairy tale

Taivaanvalkeat country yard has a secret path taking to the Elves Hideaway, where visitors will discover elves’ houses and hiding places in the forest. Along the way you will arrive at a tunnel which leads to a world hidden from humans. A path leads to the Hidden Huts, the most secret place of the elves’ world, where you will also meet with other inhabitants of Lapland, such as gnomes.

Tonttula-piilo Tietäjäntalo kesä2 

Silence is a bliss

Experience a place where human and nature are the same and time is not an issue. Here you can feel the magic of Lapland and breathe the almost the purest air in the world. Taivaanvalkeat is only 8 km away from the Levi centre, and is easy to reach by car, snowmobile, or why not by cross-country skiing. Even though the centre is nearby, Taivaanvalkeat still is a haven for peace and quiet. There are no street lights, no demands, only peace and joy of life. During the Polar Night, Taivaanvalkeat courtyard is beautifully lit. You can wander around and let the snowy winter landscape take your breath away. Lappish winter is a perfect time to pause, breath in, and listen to the blissful silence.


Palosaarentie 30
99140 Köngäs (Kittilä)