L’Oiseau Paradis” is the new review from Paradis Latin directed by Kamel Ouali, under the sign of sensuality, poetry, emotion and humor.


The new Cabaret experience by Kamel Ouali

Kamel Ouali, choreographer and passionate creative director, takes up the challenge launched by Paradis Latin for this new show.

His journey is marked by varied artistic collaborations in the world of the show (Le Roi Soleil, Les Dix Commandements, Cléopâtre, collaborations with Céline Dion, Mariah Carey) and television (Star Academy, La France a un incroyable talent). Twenty years after “French Cancan” at the Folies Bergères, he returned to his first love, the Cabaret.

He explains: “The Paradis Latin is a mythical and inspiring place. Faithfully to the tradition of this magical place, I want to catch people as soon as they arrive in the cabaret and immerse them in a surreal and surprising universe to make them live a unique experience”.






Iris Mittenaere, lead dancer

Iris Mittenaere, Miss France and Miss Universe 2016 joins the new troupe as lead dancer for the launch of the Kamel Ouali’s new show, entitled “L’Oiseau Paradis”.

Both a beauty queen and a dancer, Iris Mittenaere charmed audiences around the world during her sacraments.

“These are many challenges that are offered to me today with the show of Kamel Ouali: the scene, the songs, the costumes, the Paradis Latin and the meeting with the audience every evening… It’s very exciting” says our new magazine leader.





An original and amazing show

The show will begin as soon as the guests arrive in the Cabaret hall. Actors, dancers, artists will plunge guests into a surreal and striking atmosphere!

“Artists and the brigade will lead the audience into a magical world throughout the evening. Permanent interaction with the public will make each show a unique moment.”

Creatures, dancers, special effects and new technologies will blend in the middle of fifteen exceptional decorations by Alain Lagarde, renowned creator of opera decorations, musicals and theatrical pieces. There are more than 500 costumes created for the occasion by La Maison de Couture Parisienne «On aura tout», which has produced the scenic costumes of the greatest stars like, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, as well as many ballet for the opera.

After their collaboration at the Folies Bergères (show «French Cancan»), Marie-Laure Philippon will join Kamel Ouali to set up a new French cancan in the Paradis Latin, which will be authentic, modern and surprising.



An international casting

Kamel Ouali’s wish is to evolve the classic cabaret style for modern times, while maintaining the DNA of the Paradis Latin – the friendliness, the festive atmosphere, the iconic French Cancan and the great “Final en Blanc”. Kamel Ouali was looking for artists with multiple talents, able to play comedy, sing and dance. “I asked for a lot of improvisation during these hearings,” he continues.

More than 1000 artists were auditioned in Paris and London. Giant auditions that lasted sometimes more than 10 hours, where dancers, singers, actors, attractions from all over the world shared their talent with us.

Nearly thirty exceptional international artists and attractions were finally selected by Kamel Ouali and his team to animate this exceptional place created in 1803 by Napoleon and rebuilt by Gustave Eiffel in 1889.




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