Experience the Best Party of the Year!

In mid-June, school is out and nature has burst into life. It seems like the sun never sets. In fact, in the north of Sweden it doesn’t, and in the south only for an hour or two. This calls for celebration – Midsummer!

What is the celebration about?

The summer solstice is celebrated in Europe in many different ways, but Sweden undoubtedly has one of the most interesting festivals. Since pagan times, the Swedes have been celebrating the longest day of the year. The successful midsummer never-ending lunch party formula involves flowers in your hair, dancing around a pole, singing songs while drinking unsweetened, flavoured schnapps. And downing a whole load of pickled herring served with delightful new potatoes, chives and sour cream. All in all, a grand day out.


Midsummer Eve is always a Friday between 19 and 25 June. This year Midsummer will be celebrated 22 – 23 June 2018.


… or public parks, gardens, in fact, anywhere in Sweden will do as long as it is outdoors!


How to celebrate Midsummer like a Swede?

  1. Make your own Midsummer Garland
  2. Eat pickeld herring and boiled new potatoes for lunch (don’t forget Nubbe aperitif)
  3. Raise the Maypole and Dance the Frog dance around it
  4. Eat some Strawberry cake
  5. Take part of social outdoor games like Summer Olympics!
  6. BBQ & Chill
  7. Enjoy evening in Sauna by the lake or celebrate the midsummer night on the Dancefloor 
  8. Make your Midsummer Magic Spells

What now?

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=> Enjoy your Midsummer like a Swede!